»8/20/11 Don't miss out on our show next Friday night at Pancho's in Chicago.

»6/19/11 Brian the soundman from the BrauerHouse big HighBall fan!

»6/6/11 Feels like summer is finally here in Chicago!

»4/19/11 HighBall's friend Matt from Austin, TX took this photo in the Bahamas. Where has your HighBall koozie been?

»3/20/11 We played the new BrauerHouse in Lombard, IL last night. It's a great place and really has that Rock n Roll vibe. HighBall had a great time. Thanks to our friends Textbook & The Infamous Ashley St Ives & The BrauerHouse.

»3/14/11 New video uploaded check it out.

»3/11/11 Jealous? Want a HighBall koozie come out to a show.

»2/26/11 Submitted by a friend of HighBall. This a picture of the chalkboard at The Caribou Coffee shop he goes to everyday at the Ogilvie Train Station. The theme for the week was: "What Do You Stay Up Late For?" Apparently HighBall!! Is it a coincidence of the use of the word HighBall maybe, but whomever did it has the branding with the capital "H" and "B" down.

»2/11/11 Jose finished up the vocals this week at Up on the Roof. Are you excited?

»2/06/11 HighBall went into Up on the Roof recording studio yesterday. We finished tracking all the instruments for our upcoming EP. Jose will record the vocals in the next couple weeks, then it's off to mixing and mastering.









»1/30/11 Last nights show at Quenchers was great and a lot of fun. It's the first time we've played with the all the bands and Gunner's Daughter. Looking to play some more shows with them in the future.

»1/08/11 Happy New Year to everyone. HighBall has been working on a bunch of new songs. We have a show coming up at Quenchers the last Saturday of January on the 29th.

»12/04/10 HighBall's annual Christmas song for 2010 we recorded Feliz Navidad this week in our practice space so enjoy. You can listen to it by CLICKING HERE

»11/28/10 HighBall Chris in Amsterdam.

»11/05/10 You know you've made it big time when you 2006 split release is on a punk community blog site for for download.

»10/17/10 Last nights Oktoberfest show was awesome. HighBall had a great time and the crowd was really into the show and they went crazy for free t-shirts.

»10/5/10 HighBall has two exciting shows coming up next weekend. The first on Friday night at Tiger O'Stylies, it's been almost two years since we've played there. The second is an Oktoberfest in Lemont, IL on Saturday night. Make sure you make it to one of the shows next weekend.

»9/16/10 The HighBall acoustic show this past weekend went off without an amp. Don't worry we'll be back to loud amps and distortion for our next show.

»9/06/10 Not sure what to say about this?
»8/26/10 This weeks episode of JBTV Invades Lollapalooza 2010 has a flash of HighBall Chris. It's near the end of the episode after minute 57, it's quick so keep your eye fixed to the screen. You can watch it online at

»8/21/10 HighBall Chris at The HighBall bowling alley in Austin, TX.

»7/04/10 Happy 4th, from HighBall big Chicago style!

»6/26/10 HighBall beer koozie?

»6/14/2010 Summertime in Chicago is a great time to be in the city. With a lot going on HighBall is working on some new songs and even record a new EP. We are working on some upcoming shows also.

»5/26/2010 We have a last minute show this Thursday night at The Clearwater Theater in Dundee with Astropop.

»5/9/2010 Thanks to everyone who came out last night to SWIG. It was a good time and we have an upcoming show May 21st at Otto's in Dekalb.

»5/2/2010 Less than a week away HighBall has a big show May 8, 2010.

»3/10/2010 If you missed out on the last show you can check out some live video HERE

»3/07/2010 The show last night at The Gasthaus was a blast. As always playing with A Hidden Agenda is a lot of fun. Below is the set list showing a couple new songs. Look for song new recorded material soon.

»1/23/2010 Otto's in Dekalb, IL was a great time last night. HighBall had a lot of fun and so did everyone who came out. Here's a picture of us with a group of fans and their HighBall shirts.

»1/10/2010 Firday nights show at The Bottom Lounge was a lot of fun with The Kobanes and The Fizzy Pops. Time Out Chicago even had a pre show write up about the show, "HighBall...with more hooks than actual polish". Good to know the hooks are there, now we need to work on the polish.

»1/04/10 HighBall has their first show of 2010 this Friday night at The Bottom Lounge. Look forward to wishing everyone a Happy New Year at the show.

»12/19/09 This years HighBall Christmas song is Silent Night. We recorded it this week in the basement you can check it out here

»11/17/09 HighBall is working on some new songs including the annual Christmas song.

»10/18/09 The 10 year anniversary show was awesome thanks to After the Fight, Textbook and Bread and Bottle for playing with us. It wouldn't be any type of show without the After the Fight backup singers.

»8/22/09 The 10 year anniversary show is all setup at The Mutiny Friday October 16th. With After the Fight, Textbook and Bread and Bottle. This will be a great show so don't miss it.

»8/15/09 The HighBall summer is coming to end an end so time to book some shows and unleash our new songs. Look for some show updates and new t-shirt design coming soon.

»7/23/09 Last weekends Big Flamingo BBQ was a blast. We debuted three new songs that were a big hit. Also we had some of our 10 year anniversary stickers and made a new fan below.

»7/09/09 HighBall doesn't condone defacing of public property but you have to admit this sticker at Wrigley Field is pretty awesome. It's been at our friends season tickets beer holders for 2 years. Thanks to our buddy Al for the iPhone picture.

»7/08/09 The stickers are finally here "HighBall 10 Years of Chicago Punk". Make sure to come out to a show and get your collector edition sticker.

»5/22/09 It's been some time since we've had and update. Our last show with Love and Squalor and The Methadones was a great show, thanks all who came out. We are working on some new songs and they are really good so I know everyone will like them just as much as the old songs. HighBall will be booking some shows for later in the summer and showcase the tunes so keep an eye out for the dates.

»4/06/09 The Drink Beer! Save Boobs! benefit HighBall played this weekend was a lot of fun, besides being for a really good cause. If you know someone walking make sure you support them with your donation, more information on Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

»3/26/09 HighBall is making our HighBall III two song CD from 2005 available free for download. CLICK HERE DOWNLOAD

»3/18/09 The buttons have it!

»3/15/09 Friday night was a great show at Reggie's Rock Club. Thanks to the large crowd that came out, including friends from across the pond in England. It's not often we play an all ages so the early start was a lot of fun. The below picture shows the 16oz of fun everyone had all night long.

»2/16/09 HighBall has a big show coming up March 13th at Reggie's Rock Club.

»1/31/09 HighBall released our new EP The Basement Tracks in January 2009. Guess what the best part, it's free check out the MERCH section for the download.

»12/15/08 Just in time for the holidays a box of HighBall chocolates. HighBall is not only a sweet treat on your ears but now can be one for your taste buds.

»12/5/08 The Crush video from HighBall will be on JBTV this week. JBTV recently redid their website it lists all the times the show will air featuring the new video plus they also now do a simulcast in case you don't get JBTV in your area. Below is the screen shot for the start of the video on the show.

»11/24/08 BIG NEWS last night HighBall went into B Side Studio to record a couple new songs. I know everyone has been waiting for the next album. We plan to put out an EP again with some new material instead of waiting to make a full release. Look for another free download at the beginning of 2009.

»10/19/08 Last night we played a show with our friends in A Hidden Agenda and 3 to Go, we also met a couple new bands Factor 4 and Sleeping Under 47. It was a great time Tiger O'Stylies is a fun place to play a show at and the new remodel job looks fantastic. Look for a new music from that night along with pictures to be updated soon.

»9/20/08 Thursday's show at The Bottom Lounge was great, the new Bottom Lounge has an amazing stage and sound system. the place has multiple levels and is enormous in size. HighBall continues to pump out that 90's sound of punk and everyone in attendance had a great time. You know you've been a band in Chicago a long time when the sound engineer at Bottom Lounge was sporting his HighBall shirt, his direct quote was "I knew I had a shirt and you guys have been around for like 12 years". It's only 9 years but that's a long time.

»8/10/08 HighBall Jose hanging out Mike Herrera from MXPX.

»7/27/08 The Flamingo BBQ yesterday was a lot of fun. HighBall showcased a new cover song for the BBQ that was a big hit.

»6/09/08 The show over the weekend at the Brauer House was great, 3 to Go and Second Path were both good bands, plus to see our friends in After the Fight again after a hiatus was a lot of fun. We have a couple new songs that we are now playing out so make it to the next show to hear them. Also make sure you make it out to get your HighBall shirt and be as cool as this guy wearing his.

»4/26/08 So it's been some time since we had an update. We played an all ages show a couple weeks back that was the first all ages show HighBall has played in a long time. We are working on setting up some summer shows and writing new songs.

»4/06/08 Last nights show at The Note for Textbooks CD release show was awesome. Thanks to everyone who came out last night it was a large crowd.

»3/17/08 HighBall appearing on JBTV has been uploaded to YouTube. You can check out the interview with Jerry Bryant from JBTV.

»3/09/08 The taping we did on JBTV will air this week and feature all 3 HighBall videos.
Wednesday at 11pm WEDE channel 34
Thursday at 8pm CABLE 25
Sunday at midnight CABLE 25
Wednesday 3/19/08 at 9pm CABLE 25.
The show will also air on WJYS (no schedule) mindight-3am sometime this week.

»3/06/08 This week the world premier of our new video for the song The Change was on JBTV. We also did a taping on the show with Jerry Bryant today and look for an update on when it's going to air. For more details go to JBTV

»2/24/08 The new video is done and will be premiering in the next couple weeks. Also since HighBall is such a big budget band you can see the script for the video written on a page out of a magazine.


»2/16/08 Shooting began this week on the next HighBall music video to support our latest release. Below is a screen capture from the video so you can tell it looks to be a good one. We enlisted the talents of some super models to be video extras so look for that in the video. The video should premiere in the next month or so. Keep checking back updates until then Order UP!

»2/10/08 Last night marked HighBall's return to the Penny Road Pub in Barrington. It's been some time since we played there but it was as fun as we remembered it to be. Thanks to everyone from Jose's softball team who showed up. One interesting note was the smoking lounge, they actually have a bus parked outside running to provide heat for the smokers. Thanks to all those who attended on an extremely cold night.

»1/18/08 HighBall Order UP! CD is out.

»1/12/08 At last nights show Steve from After the Fight helped out on vocals on our song Look Back, one of his favorites.

»11/25/07 HighBall Leo is famous, look at him in this picture from the 7SixtyStudio advertising postcard.

»11/24/07 It's been some time since we've had a news update. Last night we played a a great show at the Elbo Room with Dead Town Revival, My Big Beautiful and After the Fight. Also we are putting the final touches on our EP which should be done hopefully before the end of the year.

»10/07/07 We had a great time at out last show at Tiger O'Stylies with A Hidden Agenda and After the Fight. Make sure you get yourself out to a HighBall show to get your HighBall t-shirt like all these lucky fans.

»9/22/07 It's been sometime since there's been a HighBall update well here it is. HighBall has a show tonight at Tiger O'Stylies with good friends in After the Fight and A Hidden Agenda. Also on the recording front we are in the final stages of completing the recording and should have in time for a Christmas stocking stuffer.

»7/25/07 HighBall has been busy the past couple days, with a show Saturday night at Betty's Blue Star. Thanks goes out to everyone who came out and to The Scissors and Hey Day for setting up the show. It's time to put the sticks down and listen to the final mix. Monday night HighBall was back in the studio this time listening to the final mixes of the songs recorded in June.

»6/25/07 Studio update, more was done today to get closer on finishing up the songs. After today there is not much left to be done to complete the songs. Keep checking back for updates on the progress and when you ca expect the EP.

»6/22/07 Yesterday HighBall spent the entire day in the studio recording new material. The recording was done at 7 Sixty Studio in Chicago. We are looking at recording enough new songs to release an EP in August. Stay tuned for more information coming soon. Thanks to Denny below for all the hard work he has put in so far and the work yet to be done.

»6/18/07 Last Friday's show at the Michaelane Compound was great, the guys in Mcihalenae were not only awesome to see live like always. Also they know how to put on a great party, HighBall thanks them for letting us play the party. Also playing Friday night was the Scissors is another great band from Chicago.

»6/13/07 This Friday night HighBall is playing a party at the Michaelane Compound, with Michaelane of course and The Scissors. It should be a good time and looking forward to the entire night of festivities. On other news HighBall will be hitting the studio to record some new songs.

»5/12/07 Our trip to Bloomington, IL was awesome, the show was fantastic and the crowd was great. Thanks to our friends in A Hidden Agenda for putting the show together. Good friend of ours After the Fight also played so that made it even more fun.

»3/24/07 Some updates on the upcoming show at Tiger O'Stylies. The show is on April 13th and from 7-8PM on Friday's the offer is complimentary Tiger O'Stylies light beer for a $2 cover. The show starts at 8PM.

»2/28/07 This week the new HighBall video for "Today's Special" will air on JBTV starting this week. Check out the following dates and times:
2/28 Wednesday night at 11pm on WEDE channel 34
3/1 Thursday night at 8pm on cable 25
3/7 Wednesday night at 9pm on cable 25

»2/03/07 HighBall has a new music video for the song Today's Special. Special thanks to Dave from Flynn Productions for making the video. The video is taking from a live HighBall show at the Red Line Tap. You can watch is on YouTube.

-Click here to watch the video-

»1/28/07 Last nights show at The Brauer House was awesome, thanks to everyone who came out on a cold and snowy night. The other bands One Light Out, After the Fight and of course Shooting Blanks as they wind down with their last couple shows. HighBall will miss Shooting Blanks and moments like this with Brey below.

»1/02/07 Happy New Year to everyone! It's been some time since we've had a HighBall update well here it is. In 2007 New years resolution is to write some new awesome songs than we already have. So look forward to the upcoming show at the Brauer House on January 27th to hear some new songs. As the picture below shows It's not a party without HighBall.

»11/08/06 Last Saturday nights show at The Mutiny was a blast, thanks to everyone who came out. Plus thanks to Gina and The Venom Lords for letting us play with them. HighBall wrapped up a huge 2006 with 15 shows and split CD release with After the Fight. HighBall is done for live shows for 2006 unless something comes up, but look for more shows, new songs and who knows what else in 2007.

»10/22/06 HighBall played a show last night in Bloomington, IL and had a great time, it was probable the biggest or to phrase it correctly the tallest stage we've ever played. Thanks goes out to A Hidden Agenda for putting the show together they are a great band from Bloomington, IL so if you get a chance go see them at a show.

»10/15/06 Last night at the Brauer House was a great show with a great lineup of bands, Roundeye, After the Fight, Living Struggle and of course HighBall. The night started out with a HighBall meet and greet at Salon Soca. Chris pictured here with Pat from Salon Soca.

Next to the Brauer House for the show. Thanks to everyone who came out to the show last night the show was packed. Chris pictured here with Steve owner of the awesome Brauer House.

»10/07/06 For those fans you can check out a bunch of HighBall videos that have been uploaded. Search for HighBall or highballchicago to watch all the videos.

»9/24/06 The HighBall show at the Penny Road Pub was awesome, thanks to everyone who came out. HighBall played for the first time with the band Theia who was awesome plus a great bunch of guys. Also for the second show in a row Jose has played with After the Fight this time playing bass.
Make sure you make it out to a HighBall show and you too can take a picture with the band or at least 2/3 of the band.

»9/10/06 The HighBall and After the Fight show extravaganza began last Friday at The Red Line Tap. HighBall has two more upcoming shows with After the Fight in the next month so make sure you make it out to all the shows. HighBall's own Jose jumped in on After the Fight's song Shady & Ridiculous to help out with some vocals.

»8/28/06 So HihBall didn't win last weeks Q101 local music mailroom contest, a special thanks goes out to all of those who voted for us. You can click on the screen capture from below to see the voting screen from last week. On other news HighBall had a great show over the weekend with our friends Question Mark Zero.

»8/21/06 HighBall was chosen as part of the Q101 local music mailroom. So we need you all to head on over to the Q101 Website and vote for our song, No Direction. You will need to register on the Q101 site if you are not already, however it's really quick and easy and you only need to do it once. If at the end of the week we have more votes than the other 3 bands in the local music mailroom, then you get to here "No Direction" on Q101 this Friday night. So please help us out and head on over to Q101 and give us a vote!

»8/12/06 HighBall added a show August 26th at Lunar Brewing in Villa Park with Question Mark Zero. Also check out the Press section for a review of Bone Records Split Series Vol. One from All Ages Zine.

»7/23/06 The Big Flamingo BBQ party was a blast yesterday, thanks to Michelle and Dan for letting HighBall play the party for the second year in a row. The show started out well until mother nature had better ideas as you can see below the rain delay thanks for the tarps. But after a couple hours of rain and heavy drinking the show started back up

»6/30/06 Last night two shows in Chicago within blocks of each other The Pontiac Cafe and The Note featured bands wearing HighBall t-shirts. Dave the singer /guitarist from Textbook and Mike the bass player from Michealane. Make sure to make it out to a HighBall show to get your very own HighBall t-shirt.

»6/25/06 HighBall just finished up a long weekend with two awesome shows. Friday night at Camps Rock Room with our new friends A Hidden Agenda and now old friends Question Mark Zero. All the bands Friday were awesome and we had a great time. Saturday was a show for Mobfest at The Pontiac Cafe, thanks to Tankboy for putting the show together. HighBall made some new friends with a couple great bands TrapperKeeper and Team Band and had a blast. After the show Saturday the party kept going at InnJoy for far to long. Thanks for everyone who came out Friday night and Saturday night to see HighBall the support is always appreciated.

»6/13/06 HighBall has two upcoming shows in June. The first show on June 23rd at Champs Rock Room in Burbank, IL. The second is a part of Mobfest and is on June 24th at The Pontiac Cafe in Chicago, IL. Make sure to make it out to one of the shows!

»5/21/06 Last nights show at the Penny Road Pub was a blast. There was a lot of panty throwing that was happening, not sure when Jose turned into Tom Jones. Thanks to everyone who came out last night to see the show, a lot of regulars and some new faces. Additionally we played with a couple bands that HighBall has never played with before. Question Mark Zero was a great band and super entertaining, and Michaelane is the closet you can get to The Warped Tour without actually going. Thanks to both bands for playing with us last night and we look forward to more shows with both bands.

»5/07/06 Last nights CD release show at The Abbey Pub was awesome! From the picture below of After the Fight playing you can see for yourself that there was a huge crowd all night long. Special thanks to everyone who came out last night to the show, everyone helped make it a huge success. HighBall also likes to thank all the bands from last night they were all awesome, if you get a chance make sure you check all the bands out sometime that played last night (Shooting Blanks, Laugh to Scorn and After the Fight).

»4/02/06 Last nights show at Half Times was a lot of fun with all 4 bands being great friends of HighBall. The show started off interesting with the PA not being there when we showed up but thanks to Low Profile for taking charge and getting the PA setup.

»3/28/06 The day has finally come HighBall's CD Release Show is scheduled for May 6th at the Abbey Pub in Chicago. HighBall is releasing a split CD with After the Fight on Bone Records.

»3/19/06 Thanks to everyone who came out last night to Lunar Brewing to see us play. There was a large crowd of people you can check out the PHOTOS section to see the crowd, and if you came out to the show maybe spot yourself. Also it was great to play with Dick Smack and Fire as they are an unbelievable band to see live. Also stop by the MUSIC section as we updated it the HighBall video that aired on JBTV last week.

»3/11/06 Our video for the song "Look Back" premiered on JBTV this week. Click on the image below to see one of the clips from the show. Check back soon we'll have the video posted on the website.

Click image to watch video clip

»3/06/06 This week the HighBall "Look Back" video will air on JBTV starting this week. Check out the following dates and times:
-3/8 Wednesday night at 11pm on WJYS channel 62 (listed in the TV guide).
-3/9 Thursday night at 8pm on cable 25.
-3/12 Sunday night at 12am midnight on Cable 25.

»2/23/06 HighBall had a great show last Friday at Nite Cap in Chicago. All the bands that played Friday were awesome and thanks to Rose Red Productions for booking the show. We have another upcoming show at the Brauer House this weekend Saturday the 25th. This will be the third year running with the same great line up at the Brauer House.

»1/26/06 HighBall just received today copies of a compilation CD that we are on called "Burn This Vol.II" that was put out by All Ages Zine. We'll have these CDs at our next show so if you want one for free make sure to make it out to the Brauer House February 25th.

»1/20/06 On January 7th our friends from After the Fight and Shooting Blanks played a show at the Double Door. Brey form Shooting Blanks was sporting his HighBall t-shirt at the show. Make sure you make it out to a HighBall show for your chance to get your own HighBall t-shirt free! After the Fight also had some new t-shirts, Chris from HighBall sporting his new After the Fight t-shirt at the show.

»12/20/05 The vocal parts for all the songs we recorded in November, were finished up last week by Jose at Ape Trax. Due to Ape Trax moving locations at the end of December the final mixing won't be done until some time early next year. Stay tuned for more updates on the recording and some new shows should be updated for 2006 soon.

»11/26/05 Last night HighBall finally did it we went into the studio to record 6 songs (Lose Control, All About You, Holding On, No Direction, Go Away and Today's Special). We managed to record all the songs and Jose was able to record a second guitar track also last night. In the next couple weeks Jose will go back to record the vocals and then it's up to Ape Trax to put the final touches on the mix. There's some pictures of the studio session in the Photos area. Stay tuned for more info on what's to come from the recording session. Thanks to Justin and Jason from Ape Trax Studio for helping out and accommodating our schedule.

»11/13/05 The Penny Road Pub show was awesome last night. The Cells are an amazing band to see live and I would recommend to anyone who gets a chance to see The Cells do it. Textbook like always played a great show last night. Dave at right from Textbook sporting his new HighBall t-shirt. Come out to a show for your chance to score a free HighBall t-shirt. HighBall thanks The Cells, Textbook and everyone who came out last night to see us play live at The Penny Road Pub.

»10/29/05 Last night we had a great HighBall'O'ween show and a lot of fun. HighBall would like to thank everyone who came out Rick, Diane, Maggie, Andrea, Katie, Robyn, Ann, Elizabeth, Jill, Jesus and more. A special thanks to After the Fight for putting the show together and letting us play with them.

Leo Trash Jose Trash Chris Trash

»10/23/05 We have a great show set-up this coming Friday the 28th, a super HighBall'Oween show at the Big Horse. The best part is if you wear a costume you get in FREE.

»9/17/05 It's been almost a month since we updated the website with any new news. We've recorded a 12 song demo at practice that we are giving out to a few friends for input. HighBall plans to record a 4-6 song EP in the next month. We are looking for input so be on the lookout you might just be one of the few who gets to pick the songs you like best for the demo. Stay tuned for more news on the starting of our first official recording. The track listing is as follows: 1. Go Away 2. Holding On 3. Lose Control 4. What You Get 5. All About You 6. Back to Me 7. Wake Up 8. Another Situation 9. Moderation 10.No Direction 11.Look Back 12.Today's Special. Don't forget about HighBall's next show we're labeling HighBall'Oween is coming up October 28th.

»8/20/05 Last nights show at Hang Out's was awesome. We played with a a lot of really great bands Sad Hannah, Low Profile, Starlike Collision and Shooting Blanks. HighBall would like to thank Matt from Shooting Blanks letting us play the show with them.

»8/12/05 Everyone has been asking so we finally posted some of our new songs in the MUSIC section. These are live recordings from practice so take the quality for what it is. There should be four songs but I accidentally recorded one song over another song, doh.

»7/28/05 Last night on our friends from Shooting Blanks were on JBTV and Brey was sporting the new HighBall t-shirt. So make sure you make it out to an upcoming HighBall show for your chance at a free HighBall t-shirt.

»7/16/05 HighBall thanks all the fans, friends and family that came out Friday night to Gunther Murphy's. So for those of you who didn't show up HighBall compiled a list of some the excuses we wanted a top 10 but I guess we'll settle for a top 7.

7. Busy washing my hair
6. Flying to Australia for business
5. Early morning appointment
4. Going to see some up and coming bands "Black Crowes and Tom Petty"
3. Wedding - Most popular excuse from 2 people
2. Honeymoon
1. The day after the show "How was the show, I forgot you should've sent an e-mail the day of the show to remind me" obviously if you asked about the show the day after before I mentioned anything about it I would assume you knew about the day of?

»7/11/05 HighBall will be going on at 10PM Friday due to unforeseen circumstance Infrared will not be playing the show at Gunther Murphy's.

»6/25/05 HighBall thanks Michelle and Dan for letting us play the Big Flamingo Backyard BBQ Bash. We had a great time especially due to the good food and free flowing beer.

»6/18/05 Last night at The Clearwater Theater was awesome the venue is amazing. HighBall wants to send special thanks out to all those who came out Julie all the way from the city, Andrea man does she look good, Dan, Robyn as always thanks, Katie, Red, Boz and of course Chris's Dad. Additionally thanks to Matt from Shooting Blanks for having us over at the after party! All for all of those who were wondering, yes the free t-shirt giveaway was in full effect last night so make sure you come out to show for a chance at a free t-shirt.

»6/12/05 Today HighBall received our new t-shirts go to the Merch page and check and take a look.

»5/19/05 Thanks for everyone who came out Wednesday night to see use at The Bottom Lounge. The bands we played with Low Profile and Rules of Attraction were awesome bands plus really cool guys to hang out with.

»5/13/05 Upcoming HighBall show this Wednesday at The Bottom Lounge make sure to come and check it out. Also we are in the works of having some new t-shirts made up so the free t-shirt giveaway will start up soon!

»4/26/05 We added a new show July 15th and we have a couple other shows lined up so check back soon for an update on the shows page.

»3/27/05 Saturday night was a great show with Textbook, Shooting Blanks and After the Fight. Everyone had the show had a great time and the turnout was awesome, thanks to all who came out.

»2/27/05 Thanks to those who braved the bad weather and the late night show time Sunday to come out and see HighBall at Silvie's Lounge.

»2/12/05 Thanks goes out to everyone who came out to see us last night at The Gallery Cabaret. Special thanks to 12 Gauge Noise for letting us play with them and Juicehead for also playing with us. HighBall had a great show and a lot of fun with the friends and bands we played with.

»1/29/05 Last night at the Double Door was the end of a great Chicago band Woolworthy after 10 years.

»1/07/05 The new year brings in some new HighBall shows and a couple new HighBall songs. Make sure as a New Years resolutions you check out a HighBall show in 2005.

»12/05/04 HighBall says thanks to everyone who came out last night at The Mutiny. It was a great show and to have such a large crowd that was really into the show. Thanks also goes out to Textbook for letting us play the show and the other great bands The Violent Hour and Venom Lords.

»11/12/04 We added some videos in the music section be sure to check it out. They were just recorded from our practice space so the sound is not the sharpest. We should have some better video up very soon.

»10/29/04 We have an upcoming show at The Mutiny with a bunch of other great bands check out the shows page for more information. Also look for us to have a couple new songs at that show in December.

»10/17/04 A special thanks goes out to everyone who came out to our show at the Hillside Hangout, it was a great crowd. Also HighBall would like to thank all the bands we played with After the Fight, Textbook, and Shooting Blanks they are a bunch of great bands and friends.

»10/02/04 We've added some songs to the music section of the website. They are some rough demos made during a practice session.

»9/04/04 HighBall experienced a line-up change in August of 2004. The current line-up consists of Jose - Guitar and Vocals, Chris - Bass and Vocals and Leo - Drums. Along with a new line-up HighBall has added a new show October 16th, at the Hillside Hangout check the shows link for more details.