11/6/17 A bunch of new songs shaping up.

4/6/17 Excitement is running HighBall as we've been working on some new songs.

»6/15/16 Great show in May with our friends from After the Fight, Gunner's Daughter and Textbook. Really good crowd thanks to all who came out.

»8/24/15 Look for some upcoming show news for the fall, right now enjoying the Chicago summer.

»3/11/15 HighBall has a show in the suburbs this Friday night. For all those people afraid of the city this is your chance, no excuses.

»9/29/14 Great show last week at The Cobra Lounge. Thanks to Dan Vapid & the Cheats and Paul Collins for making it a great night.

»9/16/14 Make sure next Tuesday one week from today you come out The Cobra Lounge. We are playing with Dan Vapid & the Cheats and Paul Collins. Will be an awesome show!

»8/1/14 HighBall taking the summer off and having some fun!

»3/26/14 HighBall retro sticker classing it up a bit in Sonoma, CA

»3/24/14 Look for some upcoming show news.

»2/14/14 HighBall's sweet like Valentines Day Chocolates

»11/21/13 HighBall @ Santiago Chile

»12/3/12 HighBall in Mexcio.


»10/1/12 Working on some new songs and gearing up for some fall time shows. HighBall enjoyed some Chicago fun in the sun time and time to get back to work!

»6/05/12 This weekend HighBall has a summertime show Sunday night at Subterranean. So if you're not ready to stop the weekend come on out Sunday night!

»4/28/12 Great show last night at Reggie's Music Joint, it's been some time since we played out and had an awesome time. Thanks to Gunner's Daughter for setting the show up they are an awesome band so don't miss a chance to see them live. Also playing with our good friends in After the Fight, and thanks to them for a lot of backing vocal help.

»2/21/12 If you didn't make it out to the last HighBall show then you missed this!

And some of this!

»2/05/12 This coming Saturday we have a show at Big Joe's on Foster with our long time friends in After the Fight. It's been some time since we've played with them and even longer since they've made it into the city. So stop by and check them, no excuses Chicago since we haven't even seen winter yet.

»12/06/11 It's been a little time since we've been updating you on what's going on with HighBall. We just had a great show at the Brauer House and have been getting ready for our annual holiday song. Also if you have an iPhone or iTouch get the HighBall wallpaper below.

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