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Split Series Vol. One (Bone) consists of 11 tracks, the first five by After The Fight, the second six by HighBall. Both bands do the emo-punk thing with enough spastic energy and piledriving riffs worthy of any faux hawk-laden mosh pit. But while After The Fight’s rhythm section hit harder, Highball’s hit faster, their lead vocals are sweeter, and their songs focus more on melody – in a Blue Meanies/Simple Plan/Rancid kinda way. (
– Penelope Biver

Bone Split Series Volume 1, Bone Records

As I’ve mentioned in my other reviews of After The Fight including volume 2 of this series of splits, this is a great band that seems to have a grasp on what punk music is supposed to sound like. If you dig bands like Face to Face and MXPX then After The Fight is a must have for your collections. These guys just seem to keep pumping out good material after good material and are definitely someone to keep your eyes on. The other side of this disc showcases the pop punk stylings of a band called Highball. This is yet another great band that seems to get it. They play pop punk unlike most bands these days, they seem to be more influenced by Screeching Weasel than The Starting Line. Their side of this split brings raw energy and a lot of attitude. This is yet another great split from Bone Records and worth checking out. (JK)

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(Illinois Entertainer)

A band that barrels along with a mix of punchy guitar sounds and energetic vocals, High Ball is garage-punk that parallels The Strokes. From beginning to end, this band's unique, unstoppable energy is their strongest asset. Though sometimes the vocals are drowned out by overpowering guitars ("24 X 7"), other songs mix the two together in a way that shows High Ball's potential in a growing genre. Started in a Chicago basement in 1999, .....provide upbeat punk with songs like "Bobby-O" and "For Tonight." Someone to watch for. (Contact: .)
-- Jill S. Chickedantz 

Alternative Echo

High Ball, from Chi-town, Illinois, is a punk rock band that has been movin' strong since October of 1999. Their energetic upbeat music makes people love listening to them. In February 2002, High Ball released their first demo - and quickly gained many more shows. What I like about High Ball is that they are not cocky at all. They would love playing for 10 people as much as 100 people. So really try to get to one of their shows! Check them out at